Horse Boarding 

Let your horse live in comfort at our first class boarding facility! These are the things that are part of your board fee includes:

1. Twenty-four bright and spacious 10ftx12ft stalls in the main barn. They are all equipped with drop down yokes, a window which we will open on hot days and the soft stall matting system. The main barn is well insulated with the temperature always staying comfortable for your needs as well as the needs of your equine companion.

2. Your horse will enjoy weather permitted turnout in a lovely grass paddock, and for those days that outdoor turnout just won’t do, they can get arena turnout.

3. All horses will be on an individual feed program.

4. Will boot horse for turnout requested.

5. As many blanket changes as needed throughout the day.

6. Fly mask put on and taken off.

7. Anti-Grazing muzzle can be put on or taken off.

8. Fly spray applied twice a day.

9. Sunscreen applied multiple times a day when needed.

10. On days that are too hot, horses will be brought inside to fans and can be sprayed down.

11. Water is changed daily, sometimes multiple times a day.

12. Feed buckets are scrubbed out daily.

13. The main barn also boasts a heated washroom, large heated tack room for all boarders, a hot and cold wash stall, and is directly attached to the indoor arena.

14. Paddocks are fenced with 3 rails and an electric braid around the top. Each paddock has a slow hay feeder and water trough. Hay feeders keep hay from blowing away in the wind, keep it dry and also make it possible to monitor hay consumption. Outdoor waters are filled on a daily bases. During the winter months each trough is heated so water does not freeze.

15. We include unlimited hay for your horse. We have top quality hay! We have acres upon acres of well-maintained hay fields. No shortage here. Your horse will not get hungry.

16. Horses are always supervised. Staff are always on the property. We also have video surveillance for horse protection.

17. Each stall is mucked out every day. We use pellet bedding.

18. Salt licks included.

19. De-worm on a regular basis with quality de-wormer. Cost will be determined depending on which de-wormer we use. All horses are done at the same time.

20. Currently we use Masterfeed. Horses are grained twice a day as long as it is desired.

21. Stall deodorizer is added to the stalls.

22. Winter and summer schedules so your horse can stay happy.

23. Night check done late at night. Waters are be filled up again and more hay is given.

24. Arena is well maintained and harrowed frequently.

25. Always extremely well kept and clean.

26. If you are looking for great care, friendly people and a nice environment then this is the place to be. You will not be disappointed.

Our clients have a wide variety of disciplines, but we consider ourselves mostly hunter/jumper. Boarders will have full access to our massive outdoor grass jumper ring with a full set of jumps. Clients may also enjoy plenty of hacking room with 108 acres of our own property. We are also located adjacent to the Simcoe County Trails for hours of peaceful trails. .

Ways to contact us for Board Inquiries:

*We do not offer outdoor board*

*not accepting new boarders until end of summer 2024*